tsuki mi (月見)

reflecting on the tides of life

This is the result of 2 months being Artist in Residence in Japan.

The way the water of the lake is moved by the wind creates beautiful patterns of waves. The grid of triangles emphasizes the movements of the water and creates a mesmerizing effect that catches the eye.

Halfway September is the Tsukimi Festival in japan. People celebrate the harvest, by watching the moon, preferably reflected in the water, and eating rice cakes. It is said that watching the moon can lead to pregnancy. The moon as a symbol of fertility, of new life. As long as humanity exists we have been watching the moon, wondering what it has to say. Now we know that the moon influences all water on earth and creates the tides. This is the first permanent reflection of the moon, offering comfort and beauty

description: sickle of the moon (20 meter diameter) consisting of 1111 triangles, flexibly connected, floating on the water of the lake, being moved by the waves.

links: wim wonders on Facebook, festival blog

exposition: The birth of water ritual
location: Kizakiko, Nagano pref. Japan
commissioned by: Primitive Sense Art Festival

photo’s: Hongo Tsuyoshi, Krista de Jong, Wim Schermer

Dutch article in the BK-informatie

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