art in context

Art can take care of things that can not be done in any other way. The project ‘transplant’ creates art on locations it was not common before. You can hire this project for a certain period, to let art do its job.

In ‘transplant’ I function as a gardener. In this role I bring out ‘new life’. Slowly the ‘hothouse plant’ needs to grow into something that can stand on its own. The greenhouse functions like a glass studio, the location is the point of departure for a project and forms the source of inspiration. I am searching for interaction with the environment (the landscape, the present situation, history and people). In a few weeks I create a work of art in and around the greenhouse. Subsequently people can visit it for several weeks. In the end everything is gone again and the only thing that rests is the memory of it.

This project can be hired for a minimum period of 6 weeks. De costs will be determined in consultation and according to your wishes. The mimimum prize is € 3500,- (incl. VAT, in The Netherlands). It is also possible to organize creative workshops in combination with this project.

I aspire to make art more accessible for a large audience. That is why they see an artist at work; seeking, experimenting, building up and taking down again. The threshold for this project is so low, most passers-by start a talk with the artist to satisfy their curiosity.

‘Transplant’ is a long running project, that started in 2003. In that year ‘transplant’ was part of ‘The Allotment-Art-Path’ (Het Volkstuinkunstpad) that took place in the centre of Holland (Het Groene Hart), a series of walking trails and cycle routes along which works of art were presented.

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