movement theatre

This stage is mine!

Here rules Dionysus
Here life moves beyond its limits
Here the invisible finds light in the darkest detail

I let go of ratio
Logic is hard to find
Yet it all makes sense

It’s a timeless magic show
and there’s wonder in what’s mundane
Give in and be moved

Surrender and shudder

This is the last part of the trilogy, in which Johnny Schoofs researched the Dionysian. After the solo Iron John and the duet Testos, Shudder is again a solo. In this research the focus was on the intention of the performer. A choreography can be more than the execution of a series of movements, Johnny searched for ways to give spirit to dance.

dans & choreography: Johnny Schoofs

scenography: Wim Schermer

acting coach: Cobus van der Poel

advice: Suzy Blok

production: Dansmakers, Amsterdam

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