kinetic installation

In his installations Wim Schermer makes visible what is not seen. He wants the visitor to experience the magic of this place between the tall Douglas firs. “Trees have consciousness, also here on the Paltz. They are aware of themselves and of others. They have contact with each other, they communicate, and they also make contact with us humans. When we attune ourselves to a deeper layer of imagination, connection can arise”, says Wim Schermer. On the Paltz he makes the mutual relationships between the tall Douglas firs visible. Floating compass needles between the trees are moving witnesses of the mutual contact.

description: At ten locations four Douglas firs are connected by four thin white lines, forming intersections at a height of three meters and sixty centimeters. A so-called compass needle floats in the middle of each of these intersections. Each compass needle has a different shape. The needles expand as the wind sets them in motion.

exposition: Paltz Biennale 2021:
In Between Trees
location: Soest, The Netherlands

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Lucette ter Borg wrote a wonderful blog about this work, June 2021

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