interactive installation

Motel Mozaïque, the multi-day interdisciplinary arts festival in Rotterdam, offers an organic mix of music, theatre, visual arts and the opportunity to spend the night in art.

This ‘bed’ is an investigation into sleep and movement. Normally in a bed, on a mattress, you can only change position in the horizontal plane. My question was: ‘How does the body react when you can move in the vertical plane?’ What turned out, even sleeping is conditioned behaviour. You have to learn to fall asleep again in this work of art and looking for the body position in which to do so requires habituation. The title is taken from the movement of plants when it gets dark, when they transform from their daytime pose to their sleeping position. The ‘sleeping bag suit’ was developed for this bed, allowing you to get up without ‘getting out of bed’.

description: The human body is supported in essential areas by hammocks. Each body part is balanced via pulleys by a counterweight (bag filled with pebbles). The duvet is shaped like a jumpsuit. (2.5 x 1.5 x 3 m3)

location: CBK Tent, Rotterdam
client: Motel Mozaïque, Rotterdam

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