interactive installation

The Heempark in the district Oosterheem in Zoetermeer (NL) is 2 kilometers long, and forms the ideal place for a good stroll. A request was made for an art installation that would not only address the physical, but also the mental aspects of walking. The walk through the park is regarded as a communal ritual for the neighbourhood residents.

For Schermer, walking is a form of meditation. Through the fusion of physical and mental movement, time becomes a flexible concept. With this art installation, he aims to influence the park visitor’s perception of time. In our society, many influences accelerate the perception of time; therefore, Schermer wants to provide a counterforce that intentionally slows down time. To achieve this, it is necessary for people to experience boredom, but in an attractive way so that they are willing to surrender to it. While gazing at the water, this project entices people to the art of boredom.

The water, which holds a central place in the park, became the starting point for this artwork. Observing moving water can captivate one’s attention endlessly; hence, ever-changing patterns of circles in the water are created, responding even to the presence of people. Additionally, it has a magical effect when the spheres suddenly leap out of the water and, over time, submerge again.

Description: Underwater, there are spheres with a diameter of 60 cm that spring out of the water at random intervals. Each sphere causes a radiating group of circles, overlapping to form new patterns on the water surface. 

location: Oosterheem, Zoetermeer (NL)
commissioned by: The Municipality of Zoetermeer
not executed (2009)

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