spacial drawings

Lost is an installation consisting of 4 spacial drawings, created during an Artist in Residency in the Kunstenlab in Deventer (NL).

During a stay in a place far away from civilization, Wim Schermer became aware how remote humanity nowadays is from the earth and its natural processes, such as the  changing seasons. This place was not equipped with electricity, gas or running water. He was forced to adapt to the rhythm of nature and what the earth had to offer him. He was extremely frugal with water because of the drought, not a drop was to be wasted. He noted that we are not only physically uprooted, but also mentally. We do not know anymore how to stay alive without technology and industry.

This detachment is the central theme in the installation he made in the Kunstenlab. It is a first step in a new direction. So far his work could be characterized by a lightness that makes you merry, now he is in search of the vulnerable beauty of drama. Aspects we all know, such as incapacity, pain, not being able to see for looking, the feeling of emptiness and loneliness, and being uprooted, will be more dominant in his work.

Description: The 4 drawings are formed by stretched strings, which in some places are embroidered with yarn and partly painted black. The physical elements are made of ceramics. (7 x 8 x 4 m3)

Location: Kunstenlab, Deventer
Photography: Wilma van der Hel & Wim Schermer

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