l’occasione fa il ladro


This opera is a typical burletta, with a succession of misunderstandings and people dressing up, but in the end it is all about love.

The opera was performed on location in a riding school. This formed the inspiration for the set design. Small paths in the sand lead to the centre of the hall, where the orchestra is surrounded by the platform. The audience is seated at three sites of the platform. The bars normally used by the horses to jump over, are now used to mark out different locations in the successive scenes.

A village of small houses is hanging above the stage. In different scenes a house comes down and functions as dressing cubicle for the dressing up. Similar to paper dolls the costumes are one-sided and only worn at the front. The singers use the costumes as masks to hide their true identity. To the end of the opera the identity-changes become more absurd, to celebrate the burlesque

music: Giacomo Rossini
direction: Jehan François Boucher
conductor: Jeroen Weijerink
production: Summerborn Opera (Voorst)
in cooperation with: Francy van den Heuvel

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