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As part of the exhibition ‘Lekker Groen’ (‘Tasty Green’, about allotment gardens in the Netherlands), the greenhouse stood in the allotment garden of Castle Groeneveld (Baarn) for a year. Normally, the greenhouse changes location, but in this case, it remained in one place and embarked on a journey through the seasons. ‘The Hanging Gardens of Groeneveld’ is inspired by the battle between nature and culture, as observed in allotment gardens, where all greenery is kept within the garden’s boundaries and wildlife outside of it. This led to the question: ‘Who’s keeping whom within bounds?’. After the creation of the artificial part (the hanging pots), nature had the opportunity to strike back and overgrow the geometric forms. Over the course of a year, the audience could witness how the spheres slowly approached completion and then observe the seeds germinate and grow into blooming plants.

Description: In the middle of the allotment garden stands a glass greenhouse. Inside the greenhouse, two ‘floating’ spheres are formed by flowerpots hanging from nylon threads. The pots are filled with soil and seeds (the left sphere with Livingstone Daisies, the right with Lobelias). After some time, the seeds germinate, and both spheres are covered with flowers. (3.8 x 2.4 x 2.5 m3)

exposition: Lekker Groen
location: Groeneveld Castle, Baarn (NL)
commissioned by: Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

During the project a web log was published on the Internet, see the blogs (in Dutch) underneath:

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