floppy tower 2

kinetic installation (5m)

5 students Industrial Design Engineering from TU Delft have been researching the possibilities to realise a 20 meter version of the floppy tower. To test their theories they built a 5 meter high prototype in the pond in front of the IDE building in Delft (The Netherlands).

The floppy tower is a long-running project that originated from ‘A Design For Places Left Over After Planning’. Atelier HSL initiated this ideas competition in 2004 for five ‘leftover spaces’ along the route of the HSL-Zuid. Based on the 20-meter deep piles on the route, which compensate for the soft soil in the Netherlands to make such a high-speed line possible, Schermer thought it  a good idea to pay tribute to that soft ground by constructing a 20-meter high tower that is floppy. The tower is steadfast yet flexible.

thanks to: Joost Schulze, Sjoerd Oberman, Laura Nieuwenhuis, Veerle Migchelbrink & Jasper Algra
coaches: Erik Thomassen & Erik Tempelman

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