floppy tower 1

kinetic landmark

The tower moves in the wind. The principle is based on the interplay between its own weight and the force of the wind. The wind disturbs the balance of the tower, while the weight of its elements restores it to its upright starting position. The tower is steadfast yet flexible.

From the outside, the tower may appear endearing due to its uncontrolled, swaying movements. Inside the tower, you can see the blocks hanging above your head, swaying perilously back and forth. Still, it is possible to climb up with a rope ladder and experience the ‘waving’ firsthand.

The floppy tower is a long-running project that originated from ‘A Design For Places Left Over After Planning’. Atelier HSL initiated this ideas competition in 2004 for five ‘leftover spaces’ along the route of the HSL-Zuid. Based on the 20-meter deep piles on the route, which compensate for the soft soil in the Netherlands to make such a high-speed line possible, Schermer thought it  a good idea to pay tribute to that soft ground by constructing a 20-meter high tower that is floppy. The tower is steadfast yet flexible.

description: A 20 meter high tower composed of cubic elements. The elements hang with steel cables at the corners, so the construction is flexible. The tower sways because of the wind. (model: 40 x 40 x 100 cm3)

publication: follyDOCK, 2006
exposition: NAI, Rotterdam 2006
exposition: follyDOCK, Rotterdam 2007

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