driving a luck-bug

Driving a luck-bug is a special and amusing activity during a feast in the neighbourhood, a manifestation, or a company party. It suits both, children and adults. The activity will be accompanied by 2 hosts.

The activity can have different executions. 

The depicted images show a course that bug-drivers go through individually or in teams of two. The participants that pass the course correct and in the quickest time will win a prize. Children participate with enthusiasm and try to improve each others score.

A more artistic and aesthetic enactment of driving a luck-bug is to make a choreography with music. Teams of 4 people (each in a luck-bug) will be coached by choreographer Erik van Duijvenbode in the enactment of a luck-bug-dance.

The luck-bugs can also be used to enhance interaction. Individual luck-bug-drivers can be provided with special tasks to be performed in cooperation with bystanders. Besides, the intimacy within a luck-bug, in combination with its playful character, can also play a role in a game to get to know one another. 

The costs depend on your needs and the specific situation and will be determined in consultation. To give an indication: The course with tasks (as depicted alongside) including prizes, costs € 800,- (excl. VAT). 

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