Seduction is the central theme in the designs of Wim Schermer, whether he deals with a temporary interior or product-design.

Schermer turns an exhibition into an interactive adventure, a voyage of discovery. He creates rich, and often subconscious experiences, by addressing more than one sense at the same time. At a fair he creates a matching platform for a company. His sense of aesthetics can make a company sparkle like a silver birch in a coniferous forest.

The appeal of Schermers designs can be found in the ultimate integration of functionality and beauty. By his inventiveness he can achieve commercial results on locations with hardly any means, like in developing countries.

Wim Schermer also likes to coach others in innovation-oriented design processes. He can help companies to go off the beaten tracks by way of free association, and translate the essence of wild ideas into practical solutions. His experience makes him valuable to coach students in their design work, like now at TU Delft.