Information about the context of the project transplant, can be found under exclusive.

This work is an exploration of our material reality. If you consider reality at the atomic level, you see protons, electrons, and neutrons (so called material), surrounded by an ocean of empty space. Conversely, on a cosmic level, the same holds true. The universe consists of sporadic stars (also material) with an immeasurable amount of space around them. Though both levels differ in size, they actually tell the same story.

Additionally, this work plays with contrasts. We know that pebbles have a certain weight, but here they appear to float in space. Stones, moreover, evoke a sense of stillness, yet the suspension creates a magical, dynamic effect. It’s as if there’s a cloud hanging that rains upwards, with streams going skyward and splashing in the sunlight.

description: In the greenhouse hangs a sculpture, constructed from nylon threads supporting 2500 suspended pebbles. (4,5 x 2,8 x 2,5 m3)

location: Churchillpark, Midden Beemster (NL)

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