caged tree

People try to control nature as much as possible, especially in the Netherlands, because nature easily damages what humans produce. But we do realise the importance of nature and therefor it can do as it likes in specially selected areas. But still, nature should be restricted and definitely not cross the set borders. 

The caged tree refers to our double standard where it concerns nature. The tree may grow, but within its boundaries and in a shape that refers to an archetype.

The tree in question is a Judas-tree (Cercis Siliquastrum). In principal an exotic tree does not belong in a native garden, that’s why I placed it in quarantine.

description: a young Judas-tree is caged, wire netting and plywood. (3 x 1,6 x 4,6 m3)

exposition: Atelier Heemtuin
location: Heemtuin, Leiderdorp (NL)
commissioned by: The Municipality of Leiderdorp

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