black space – white space

space for contemplation

This work of experiential art can function autonomous, but also play an active role by supporting processes of change within a company or organization.

In the first situation employees can enter a space on their own initiative to find some relaxation in between times, recharge oneself, or come to contemplation and leave the spaces inspired. Next to that it can also be brought into action during a creative session or personal coaching in a reorganization process. The multi-sensorial experiences from the interaction with both contrasting spaces, lead to association and reflection.

The idea for this sound-installation origins in the unattainable desire to be where one can not be at that moment, for example: Longing for summer in wintertime. Longing for the motherland while being in the fatherland. Staying in one of both spaces can uncover desires that can be directive, and so benefit personal and general development.

It is possible to achieve this work or to hire it. It costs € 24.000,- (incl. VAT, transport, building and 1 year maintenance). For hire it is € 7000,- (incl. VAT) for a period of 6 months (building up costs 12 man-days and takes 5 days).

The work of art exists of two narrow spaces. People can enter both, and so they step into the light, or into darkness. If one or more people are in one space it will produce sound. In white space you hear a subtle tinkling, in black space a refined drumming like rain at different pitches. The sounds are not that loud. Both spaces together measure 14 to 1,5 meters and are 5 meters high.

reactions from some visitors:
‘The sounds interrupt my thoughts. They free me from all nonsense, so the beautiful things remain. Being here makes me quiet and feeling safe. I feel fine, at ease.’
‘Being inside, I was overwhelmed by all kind of feelings. I simply can?t explain. I went in and sat down. I felt released from myself. I was free, as if I could just do whatever came to my mind. I experienced chaos and it was great. It made me feel happy.’
‘Listening to the sounds turned me silent. In a way I came to my senses. Beautiful thoughts popped up automatically, memories of special moments in my life. It was good. It strengthened me. I feel as if I can give help to the whole world.’

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