kinetic installation

Wim Schermer looks around with wonder. For this artist the whole world is a playground: “Reality has an unparalleled beauty and often an incomprehensible logic. That inspires me. I am itching to translate everything I see into an image that tells a story with which I can bring that beauty and logic to the attention of the public. ”

One of the oldest dreams of the homo ludens is to be able to fly. One of the first ways in which man really did fly, was in a gondola hanging under a hot air balloon. Heating air causes air molecules to move and collide with increasing intensity. The air molecules thus take up more space than before and the specific mass decreases, so that this air rises above the cooler air that surrounds it.

The airship can be seen as a set of playfully vibrating atoms. At the same time you see that together they take the form of a boat that floats above the water like a fata morgana. When the vibration becomes intense enough, the ship will take off and leave us behind in astonishment.

Description: 102 transparent yellow spheres take the shape of a lifeboat. The bulbs stand on slender steel stems that protrude from the water, they wiggle in the wind. The airship floats above the water surface, and at the same time is reflected in it. (3 x 6 x 3 m3)

Outdoor exhibition: ‘Playground’
Bergarde Galleries, Heerjansdam (NL)

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